Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Ryukyu Star and My Bungee Jumping Shenanigans

Okinawa JETs have their own online magazine called the Ryukyu Star, where you can read awesome articles by your fellow OkiJETs. 

Click on the photo for the Ryukyu Star's Summer Issue

This past issue, I contributed an article and a video on my bungee jumping experience at Macau Tower, the worlds highest commercial bungee jump. 

To read the story and watch the video, click on the picture below!


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Self-Introduction Lesson: All About Your Gaijin Weirdness

This posts is photo heavy
New JETs are due to arrive in a couple months, so here is an example of my self-introduction lesson (for elementary) with a corresponding game. Good Luck!
Nice big picture of yourself!
If you're from the U.S., point out which state.

As you can imagine, this slide was a hit with the kiddos.

The teachers enjoyed this one, as there are no casinos in Japan

The kids had no idea what a panther was! On the other hand, do you know what a tanuki is?

305 til I die!

Kids love Iron Man!

They freaked when I talked about alligator tail. Many students expressed that they wanted to try it as well!

This slide was also a hit for obvious reasons.

The only photo of my dad smiling. No lie!

Police officers are cool in Japan

My cat's name is actually Chin-Chin, but it's not a good word in Japanese.

I regularly dye Panda's hair. At first she had a pink Mohawk but since it's too close to her eyes, she now sports a pink tail.

They really liked Mrs. Pricklepants

This was also a popular slide

Throughout my presentation I had the students repeat vocabular words, like "alligator," in order to prepare them for my self introduction game.
A pair of students share a paper and the students place their hands on their head. When I say a vocabulary words, the students must quickly circle the corresponding picture. The fastest student receives one point. A variant (for younger students) is to have the students point to the picture instead.