Okinawa Bucket List

Don’t Touch My Bucket List!
Feel free to use my list for your own Okinawan adventure! Enjoy!
Northern Okinawa

1. Azalea Festival in Higashi (March 1st - 28th)
2. Cape Hedo
3. Captain Kangaroo Burgers
4. Churaumi Aquarium
5. Forest Adventure
6. Ginoza Burger Festival
7. Ginoza Mega Cave
8. Hiji Falls
9. Kin Temple & Caves
10. Melody Road
11. Mikan Picking (Winter)
12. Nago Castle Ruins
13. Nakijin Castle
14. Neo Park Zoo
15. Okuma Beach
16. Pineapple Park
17. Ryugujo Butterfly Garden
18. Sakura Festival @ Nakijin Castle (late-January)
19. Sakura Festival in Nago
19. Strawberry Picking in Ginoza Village

Central Okinawa

1. All-Okinawa Eisa Festival (Okinawa City)
2. American Village
3. Araha Beach
4. Kakazuta Observatory Park
5. Nakagusuku Castle Ruin
6. Nakamura House
7. Night Zoo @ Okinawa Zoo
8. Ryukyu Mura
9. Sunflower Festival (February - March)
10. Yomitan Pottery Village
11. Zakimi Castle Illumination
12. (New!) Giant Shisa @ Cape Zanpa (

Naha and the Surrounding Areas

1. 10,000 man Eisa Festival (August)
2. Dragon Boat Races (May)
3. Fukushu Chinese Gardens
4. Itokazu Ruins
5. Kokusai Street
6. Mabuni Hill
7. Naha Tug of War
8. Okinawa World
9. Peace Memorial Park
10. Sefa Utaki (Power Spot!)
11. Shuri Castle

Southern Okinawa

1. The Great Stone Shisa at Tomori
2. Tsuboya Pottery Village
3. Valley of Gangala
4. Whale Watching (January – March)

Outer Islands (not connected via bridge)

1. Ishigaki
2. Kerama Shoto
3. Miyako Jima
4. Ie Jima

Personal List

1. Dance like an Okinawan
2. Dress like an Okinawan
3. Horseback Riding on the Beach (Ie Jima)
4. Learn to Play the Sanshin
5. Make Okinawan Glass
6. Make a Shisa
7. Rollerblade the length of Okinawa (lol)
8. Salsa Classes
9. Scuba Diving Certification


  1. Hey Gabie,

    I literally just arrived on Okinawa 2 days ago. I came across your blog at 3am because of jetlag =/

    While I'm hoping to experience a lot of what Okinawa culture has to offer (including many on this bucket list!), I'm also trying to meet non-military expats (with whom to do things). If you or your JET friends are interested in meeting up some time, please feel free to email me at

    Your blog is hilarious,
    - Mike

  2. Hey! I just Googled "Okinawa Blog" to see what came up and here I am! There are lots of bloggers on island and we try to get together every now and again. I'm leaving soon (military life at its best) but I am out and about a lot! If you want to join me and my friends let me know. :)