Sunday, June 14, 2015

Self-Introduction Lesson: All About Your Gaijin Weirdness

This posts is photo heavy
New JETs are due to arrive in a couple months, so here is an example of my self-introduction lesson (for elementary) with a corresponding game. Good Luck!
Nice big picture of yourself!
If you're from the U.S., point out which state.

As you can imagine, this slide was a hit with the kiddos.

The teachers enjoyed this one, as there are no casinos in Japan

The kids had no idea what a panther was! On the other hand, do you know what a tanuki is?

305 til I die!

Kids love Iron Man!

They freaked when I talked about alligator tail. Many students expressed that they wanted to try it as well!

This slide was also a hit for obvious reasons.

The only photo of my dad smiling. No lie!

Police officers are cool in Japan

My cat's name is actually Chin-Chin, but it's not a good word in Japanese.

I regularly dye Panda's hair. At first she had a pink Mohawk but since it's too close to her eyes, she now sports a pink tail.

They really liked Mrs. Pricklepants

This was also a popular slide

Throughout my presentation I had the students repeat vocabular words, like "alligator," in order to prepare them for my self introduction game.
A pair of students share a paper and the students place their hands on their head. When I say a vocabulary words, the students must quickly circle the corresponding picture. The fastest student receives one point. A variant (for younger students) is to have the students point to the picture instead.


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