Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The JET Program: The Email

It was a Tuesday afternoon while I watched students give oral presentation as a graduate assistant for my professor's class, when I noticed my phone light up. It was a text message from my friend who also applied to the JET Program:


Without shame, I refreshed my email. There was a message from the Miami Consulate General stating that I had made it past the first round of applications and was asked to select an interview date. I could barely contain my joy as I not-so secretly text my loved ones about the news. The interview was on weekday, and my boss let me skip a day of class and work for the interview without any repercussions [谢谢!]. With the time and date set for my interview, I prepared for possible questions. I didn’t know anyone who previously interviewed, but I searched through forums and had a little secret help. 

Bitch! Refresh faster!
Next up, my interview outfit. I had enough BCBG suits in my arsenal from my days at Bloomingdale's. However, did I just want to be another person in a suit? It’s not that I don’t like suits or business attire but I really wanted to stand out.. Plus, the bulkiness of a suit on my petite body can be off putting. 

If I was going to be professional, it was going to be my way. Therefore, I searched online for the perfect “Michelle Obama” dress. I instantly fell in love with a long-sleeved knee-length dress in my favorite color of royal blue. It was conservative enough, but also hugged by body so that I didn't feel too matronly. I ditched my usual 5-6 inch pumps for low and sensible heels and added accessories and spanx. The next issue was my hair. At this time, my hair was about waist length and pinning it into a bun was a mission. It wasn’t just the length of my hair, but the thickness too. Moreover, the tattoo behind my ear doesn’t exactly scream “classy and professional.” Therefore, I had to fix my hair into a side and low ponytail with curled ends and a braid around the hairband. With the interview questions prepared and my outfit selected, I was ready for the JET interview. 


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