Saturday, August 24, 2013

Be Prepared!

I had my placement and as much I would love to say that I spent the four months until departure preparing for my time in Japan, I did not. Instead, I decided to laze around, shop, hang out with friends, watch all of my shows, and play an endless amount of video games.  I worked with my mother, who is a bookkeeper, to get my finances in order and she did the rest. Thank's mom!

One of the things that kept our minds at ease was that I had great communication with the Ginoza Board of Education. They worked with me to find an apartment and order my inkan (personal seal). They also booked a bed and breakfast until my apartment was ready, and they sent me a photo of the office staff. However, remember the JET motto: Every Situation is Different (ESSID). One of my friends just got one email, and it wasn't even sent to her. The email was sent to one of her professors. Either way, with the open communication and my mothers epic packing, I was ready to attend the Miami JET Orientation, which was scheduled the day before I left to Japan.

The Miami orientation was held at the Consul General official residence in a very posh location in Coral Gables, Miami.  At the orientation, they had a question and answer session for JET parents. My mother, being a loca, read the entire JET Information Handbook from cover to cover. Therefore, she did not feel compelled to go. If I can give anyone advise, have your parents read your information handbook. It's available via PDF on the Official JET website as well. After reading the handbook, and placing various post-its, she could quote the book verbatim. Go Mom!

Either way, the orientation continued with workshops on how to teach classes and a presentation on culture shock. The group was also divided between men and women so that we would ask any particular lady questions. Therefore, if you have any questions on gynos, blood testing, birth controls and Plan B, that would be the time to ask. Afterwards we had a reception (food and alcohol included) where I was able to catch up with my my FIU professors and met some of the other Miami JETs.

(Far Right) Posing like a boss 

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