Monday, September 23, 2013

Middle School Sport's Day, Okinawan Lucha Libre, and Neo Park Zoo

Undokai (運動会) or sports days is a big deal in Japan, with teachers canceling classes to practice various sporting events. The Sports Days for my elementary schools aren't until later this month, but I was asked by my board of education if I would like to participate in the middle schools sports day as part of a relay. I had just finished getting over a terrible cold, so I was extremely happy to participate and be active once again. On Saturday, I laced up my running shoes and walked to the middle school. There, I met up Justin, the middle school JET, and my two other teammates who were Japanese-Pervian and Japanese-Argentinian. We were officially mcticially the international team. I was extemely nervous because I didn't realize that so many people attended these events. The principals and vice principals from my schools were there too! No big, I'm only representing my whole damn country! We were running the 4X2, and  I was the second runner. Ultimately, we got second place and won a box of tissues. I will be swimming in tissues in Japan since I get them just by entering a store. Afterwards, I felt no obligation to stay, and I left. 

The same week, I went to an Okinawan lucha libre match. It sounds just as corney as it sounds: masked individuals perfomring choreographed pro-wrestling moves. It was cheesy, it was sweaty, it was japanesey, and I frickin' loved it! 

Do you even lift?

I also went to Neo Park Zoo, which is a little less than a zoo and more of an aviary. There were hundred of birds that you could feed, and other animals such as capybaras, lemurs, bats, and wallabies. There was a petting zoo of small animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, and dogs. The dogs were a little weary of people. I noticed that some would almost corner the dogs to pet them, which made the dogs snap in aggression. I just knelt down and waited for them to come to me. I think they could tell I was an animal person <3.

This little one asked to be picked up and just plopped right down.

I also decided to be a little loca and feed the ostriches. These birds are immense and very intimidating. But when do you get the chance to feed them? Exactly! Never! My first time was a huge fail because my hand was at the same level as the birds beak, so it just clamp down it's mouth on my hand. Surprisingly it didn't hurt, but it scared the crap out of me. For my second attempt, I lowered my hand and it worked!

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