Sunday, December 22, 2013

Long Hair I Do Care

It's no surprise to those who know me that my hair is a very big deal. Growing up, I've had both short and long hair, and I've even donated my hair to Locks of Love. In 11th grade, I grew my hair long, and it's been that way ever since. After high school, I began to dye my hair starting with simple highlights and going extreme with half blonde/half black hair (not ombre). Afterwards, I settled for the brunette look and after I got tired with that, I tried ombre. I have a very serious love/LOVE relationship with my hair, and I put complete faith in my hairstylist who has been doing my hair since 6th grade. Since 6th grade, people! My hairstylist, Margarita, knows my hair and knows how to dye it. If I show her a picture of a hair color or style, she will give me that exact same color and style. She never disappoints! Every time I've gone dark to light or visa versa, she makes it into a process so that the color is rich. In Miami, I've had hairstylist friends of friends who try to solicit their services, and I always tell them that I'm happy with my hairstylist and changing would be like cheating on her. Sorry, but NOT sorry.

Before I left to Japan, she dyed my hair once again, but this time changed the color subtly so that when it grows out, it would match with my natural hair color, which sits between a ashy and dirty blonde.  My hair grows like bamboo so after a few months, I needed to get my hair done again. This is an issue in Japan since most hairstylists here are not familiar with foreign hair. I don't mean to be a jerk; Asian hair, black hair, caucasian hair differ in color and texture. There is one girl here who wanted her light brown hair dyed darker. Her hairstylist BLEACHED her hair blonde, and then dyed it dark. They didn't know how to do work with hair that is not black. Therefore, with reluctance, I asked a close teacher/friend where I could get my hair done. She made an appointment for me at her salon in Chatan, which is known for having a a stronger foreign/military presence. 

We drove together to Chatan and I showed a picture of what I wanted. Essentially, I wanted a ombre with more contrast. In Okinawa, my sun lightened my hair and my roots came in, so I wanted to be a little "milk chocolate" on the top and have it fade to my golden blonde at the bottom. So with my broken Japanese, and my friend translating as well, the hairstylist set to work. Two gorgeous Japanese men worked on my hair and they brushed the dye into my hair. They told me that they were experts in gratiation (Japanese for ombre) and I relaxed a little. After they finished the top, they changed dyes and proceeded with the bottom portion of my hair. 

After the dye set, they moved me to wash it out. At first, handsome guy #2 (who I think was the assistant, or hairstylist in training) washed my hair, but he switched with another lady because they were so busy. I was kind of bummed, because it felt like I was getting a massage. The lady wasn't so great and for a while she washed the ends. Actually, I think she washed the ends, I couldn't tell what the hell she was doing back there because I couldn't feel it. When I sat back down at the station with wet hair, I began to panic because my hair looked extremely dark. 

Another women came to blow dry my hair. This is when my stress levels rose because she finger dried my hair. I looked around and noticed that it was the standard procedure. However, my hair is wavy/curly so as she dried it, it turned into a puffy mess. I was also upset, because everyone complimented my hair saying that I had a natural perm and how pretty it looked. I wanted to ring their necks. I looked like Hagrid and I refuse to walk out looking like that. As I sat in my Hagrid hair, I noticed that the blond portion of my hair looked like an ashy blonde, almost white or grey. I wanted the Earth to swallow me. Gorgeous guys came back an styled my hair. They reassured me that it would lighten. I knew that, but it was absolutely nothing like the color I wanted. Luckily, it was not expensive and I left for home with the intent to wash my hair 3 or 10 times to lighten it.

I'm not leaving here looking like this!

After I used the all of the shampoo I had, I successfully lightened my hair, and I even got the grey blonde to revert back to the golden blonde. I am happy with it now, because it's great winter hair, but I wish I hadn't gone through all of that stress. 

My hair before
(Red eye reduction -___-)
Assessing the damage
(Nice styling though!)
After 3 or 10 washes
(My own curls)

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