Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wow! Fantastic Baby!

After I said my tearful goodbye to my boyfriend at Naha airport, I boarded a plane to Osaka in order to see the Big Bang concert at Kyocera Dome. Big Bang is a famous Korean band and are also famous in Japan, as they just concluded their Japan Dome Tour (Click here for an article about the tour and fame in Japan).

Just to put some perspective the American Airlines Arena in Miami can hold around 16,000 people, while Kyocera Dome in Osaka can hold over 36,000 people. In other words, this was a huge venue and it was completely sold out. Although the trains were packed and the sea of people in line at Kyocera Dome seemed endless, we purchased our Big Bang goods and made out way to the seats fairly quickly. Before the concert, I got in a few panorama's of the dome, but quickly saw the dome's staff holding signs saying it was prohibited to take pictures. In Japan, you are not allowed to take pictures or videos during a concert. Ever! 

Osaka Kyocera Dome

The concert was amazing and surprising long. I heard most of my favorite songs and then some! One important thing that I noticed is that Japanese fans are relatively quiet. Prior to coming to Japan, I went to a Justin Beiber concert where I almost lost my hearing. So knowing that Big Bang is ridiculously popular in Japan, I expected the same atmosphere. However, everyone was quietly waving their Big Bang sticks in a perfect rhythm...the entire time. No one was dancing, I don't even think people were singing the songs. They just stood there banging their Big Bang sticks. However, during some songs there were chants and before the encore the crowd sang one of their Japanese songs "My Heaven." It was really cute!

 Also, being the loca that I am, I took the risk and snuck in a picture. Using my iphone, I lowered the brightness to my screen, and I turned off the flash while hiding my phone behind the Big Bang stick. BAM it worked! 

One of my favorite songs that I didn't hear :(

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  1. So i've never heard of this band before now. I was looking at the guys and I'm like damn they are really good looking for japanese dudes (i didnt have the audio on) go figure they are k-jin. Gawsh they are so hott.