Saturday, March 15, 2014

S.O.S. Venezuela

One of the challenges when living abroad is the hopelessness you feel when terrible things happen in your home country. Home is where the heart is, they say, and my heart lies in both Venezuela and the United States.

In Venezuela, ridiculously high inflation and crime rates, as well as shortages in basic goods have caused mass protests against the Venezuelan government. The country has been in a downward spiral since 1999 when the late President Hugo Chavez took control of the country. A land once known for their abundance of oil, rich culture and beautiful women has begun to steadily follow the footsteps of Cuba (aside from the embargo), and the citizen just cannot take it anymore.

Some would assume that because I was raised in the United States that I am disconnected from the events happening in Venezuela. What would I know about their struggle, right? I know what my aunts, uncles, and cousins go through on a daily basis. I have witnessed their fear and paranoia when they are out in public. I also know of the transgressions committed against them that have caused them to delay college graduation, unsuccessfully find work, or move out of the country.

My heart breaks for my homeland, and I pray for change and my family's safety. They deserve better. Venezuela deserves better.

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  1. Gracias Gabie por hacerte eco de lo que vivimos aquí. Tienes razón somos paranoicos cuando andamos en la calle. ¡Que maravilloso se siente caminar por la calle sin sentirte asechado ! Lo palpe en Panama; ojalá algún día pueda sentirlo en esta Patria herida.