Sunday, July 6, 2014

School Lunches: Okinawan #Foodporn

I wouldn't consider myself a "foodie," but lunch time is my favorite time of the day! Elementary and middle schools offer 給食 (kyuushoku) or "provided lunches" to students, faculty and staff. Unlike their U.S. counterparts, these school lunches are well-balanced meals that incorporate all the food groups. Lunch usually consists of a salad, soup, dessert (fruit), milk (although I never drink it), and a main dish (almost always rice, noodles or bread) Sometimes I have no idea what I'm eating but as long as it's not meat (aside from fish; pescatarian in da house), I'll eat it. I'll even eat the foreigner-despised natto or fermented soy beans. Check out some Japanese school lunches below! 

The school lunch above was a themed lunch for Okinawa's Memorial Day. It shows what little foods Okinawans had available during WW2.

Goya champuru (champloo)! Super Okinawan

Notice the lack of fruit? It was grapefruit day! No thank you.

I scraped all the meat off of the tofu! 

Ahh grapefruit! Red grapefruit is ok, but the yellow ones are too bitter.

That little green container has natto! I ate all of it!

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