Friday, March 29, 2013

The Bad News Continues

In the wake of my friend, Omar's, death, my boss decided to dropped the ultimate bomb - I was being let go. My boss called me into his office and informed me that the budget wouldn’t support employment for me and one of my coworkers during the summer. I was a T.A. but during the summer I switched to part-time work until the new semester. He asked me if I had any other options and I told him that I didn't and that I still hadn't heard back from  the JET Program. My boss felt pretty terrible and left me alone for the rest of the day. After the meeting, I stepped into the stairwell and cried.

If losing your best friend to a drunk driver and losing your job weren’t bad enough, I also under performed during my thesis defense. As you can image, I was overwhelmed with terrible news and I did not complete the changes needed for my thesis defense. My thesis committee was kind, but I could tell that they were disappointed. During the deliberation, I struggled to hold back tears. I passed the defense, but I make immediate corrections and finish finalizing with them. However, they still congratulated me. One of my members even said, “Smile Gabie! This is a good thing. You’ve done great work! You just have to polish.” 

Afterward, I marched into the bathroom, right to the handicap stall, and Kim Kardashian cried. I preemptively prepared with my makeup bag in hand to reign in the mess. 

That's right! I choose grad school

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