Friday, April 5, 2013

The JET Program: Official McTicial

The spring semester was coming to an end, and I put all of my focus into polishing my thesis. On another random Tuesday, I was sitting with my friend, who also applied for JET, outside of the FIU Greene Library. It was slightly after 5 p.m. and she was telling me her latest boy-toy horror story [it was a goodie]. I casually mentioned that we should be hearing from the Miami Consulate soon and seeing that it was Tuesday, the same day we got our interview email,, I refreshed the email on my phone. That is when I was textually slapped in the face by the email. The only words I said were, "Oh my God," as I quickly skimmed through the email and read that I had been short listed. My friend freaked and quickly went to refresh her email. It was a moment of tremendous patience because either I was going to have to comfort her or we were going to celebrate together. The email finally appeared and she was also short listed. We both screamed and began to hug jump. Yes, simultaneously hug and jump.

It's official McTicial! I am going to live in Japanland!

With this news, I celebrated with my closest friends! 

Party face and the hangover rabbit food

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