Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Vacation: The Art of Looking Busy While Doing Nothing

My main job during the summer is to give off the appearance of looking busy while doing absolutely nothing. In actuality, I do this all year but my efforts are doubled during the summer. This is also a great time to catch up with teachers who are otherwise too busy to talk to during the school year. Although every situation is different, work rules are typically thrown out the window during summer vacation.
  • Go to Work Late
    • I make it a point to come to work late everyday. There is nothing for me to do and thus there is no reason for me to be on time. I am usually expected at work at 8:15 but during summer vacation I casually stroll in at 9:30.
  • Forget the Dress Code
    • Sleeveless shirts, tanks and spaghetti-strapped tops are a big NO in the Japanese workplace - except during summer vacation. No one has said anything about my attire besides a few comments of how cute and summery I look; something that they expressed as "refreshing."
  • Extend Lunchtime
    • Whether I head home for lunch or bring a bento, I extend my lunch break to atleast two hours. If I eat at school, I use that opportunity to gossip talk with teachers.
  • Catch up on Hobbies
    • Summer vacation is a great time to catch up on varied interests. In preparation for my Mount Fuji trip, I knitted a scarf in the middle of work. Aside from the comments of amazement, my coworkers couldn't care less. I blog at work, watch movies at work, gossip at work, and spend too much time on my phone at work. Hell, I could change into sweats and workout at work - they just don't care.
  • Go Home
    • The great part about teaching at multiple schools is that no one knows where I am even though I've had the same schedule for a year. On days where I switch schools, I leave one school early to relax at home for a bit, and then drive to the other school. I do this during the school year, but my time at home is extended for a few hours during summer vacation. No one seems to notice or care. 
Now, before come at me with your judgment, know that when the situation arises I will drop what I'm doing and help my coworkers. They wouldn't love me if I wasn't eager to help in any way possible, right? So go forth my fellow English teachers, and get paid to do nothing! 

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