Thursday, August 14, 2014

Birthday Challenge: 28 Weird Facts About Me

I complied a list of the most random facts I could think of! Some of my close friends and family members will my know most of these, but I hope a few eyebrows are raised! Enjoy!

1. I have mini panic attacks on express elevators.
2. I Wikipedia most movies before watching them. 
3. I flipped to the back of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows just to check whether or not Harry lived. Spoiler Alert: He lived!
4. My fantasy is to have a full body chiropractic adjustment. 
5. My vice is make up and I spend too much money on it. Double the amount if it's Korean make up! 
6. I'm not a full vegetarian because the shrimp at Samurai is too good to give up. 
7. I used eye glue to fix my left eyelid crease. 
8. I ordered my wedding cake topper at 19. 
9. I was bullied badly in middle school and it changed everything about my personality. 
10. I went to a dermatologist for adult acne. 
11. I began to walk with an exaggerated sway to prevent my hips from popping. Now, I pop my hips in the morning, but I keep the sway out of habit. 
12. I was anemic as a baby and during high school, but it wouldn't surprise me if I have become anemic once more in Japan. 
13. If a doctor or a nurse touches the inside of my elbow or places a turnacate when taking blood, my blood pressure drops and I come close to fainting. 
14. Yoga music stresses me out. 
15. I can tell how close of a friend I am with someone on whether or not they spell my nickname correctly. #Judgement
16. I've had plastic surgery. Well, technically surgery done by a plastic surgeon. 
17. I'm good at a lot of things, but I'm great at nothing. #Truth
18. I have Tokophobia, and therefore most of my pregnant friends (and mothers) are hidden from my Facebook newsfeed. 
19. Bananas are my favorite fruit, but I can't eat them because they make my stomache ache. 
20. Although I have had a questionable mole removed, I still love sunbathe. I just use SPF 30 instead of SPF 4.
21. During senior year of high school, I stole my science teacher's rat, which was meant to feed his snake, and set it free. Sorry (not sorry)!
22. I also took our senior mascot, a hand puppet named Pierre, because some classmates were planning to throw him away during our senior trip in Germany. 
23. The extra estrogen in birth control drove me insane.
24. For some strange reason, when I'm drunk it's difficult for me to hear music.
25. Because I have a hard time swallowing pills, I avoid most medicines unless it's absolutely necessary.
26. I was held back a grade in elementary due to illiteracy cause by ESOL classes. I didn't even need ESOL classes because I was bilingual!
27. I am very guarded and I've put this wall up that even I can't tear down. I'm working on it though. 
28. I saw a doctor for for about a year and a half to combat depression.

Random enough? 


  1. I remember the rat stealing and the Pierre incident. I also remember the fuss your senior t-shirt caused. Lol!

    1. Oh man, you should have seen the way that rat was looking at me. It knew I was its lifesaver. And I still couldn't believe they were planning on throwing Pierre away! Since my mom made his Princeton shirts, we decided to keep him. He's still around collecting dust somewhere. And that T-shirt :/ It was an interesting year to say the least.