Friday, September 5, 2014

Reverse Culture Shock (Update)!

I'm heading home by the end of this week and although I am excited to see my family and friends, a part of me is worried about reverse culture shock. I've grown accostumed to my life in Okinawa, and I know I'll be a bit shocked when I return to Miami. Here's why:

No So Home Alone

Although my parents will do everything in their power to make me comfortable, I have experienced the freedom of walking stark naked through my apartment. That's freedom! I also had a chat with my mom about her overprotective ways. I know she loves me, but the point is to have me come back home and not run back to Japan. Love you mom!
(Update) I am happy to report that I had plenty moments for stark nakedness since my parents worked during the day! Haha! Ok, I know that's not important. It felt very natural being home, and I relished the moments when my pets took up most of the bed. It was nice to see everyone, but it was also nice to have moments alone to run errands or just do mundane things around the house

Street Harassment

Street harrassment isn't exclusive to the United States, but I have yet to experience street harassment in Okinawa. I can run around my town without being honked or hollared at. This will probably be the biggest shock since I really love the safe environment that Japan provides. Sayonara safety, and hello pepper spray.
(Update) I wonder if I was too harsh about my hometown. Maybe my city has changed, but it's probably more logical to consider that I have changed. I didn't experience any harassment or uneasiness.  Gas stations for me were always the worst and even though I attracted a few glances, I wasn't leered into discomfort. Everywhere I went, people struck up a conversation or went out of their way to help me. I was kind of taken aback by the unexpected acts of kindness. 
Too Busy, Sorry

I don't expect my friends to drop everything because I am visiting, so I know that there will be a few of my sucias and sucios that I won't see during my stay. #sad
(Update) Two weeks goes by in a flash and unfortunately I couldn't hang out with everyone or see some of my favorites more than once. However, I loved the moments spent with the ones I did see. It helped me remember the concept of true friendship and not the ones forged by convenience through the JET Program. 
Crazy Drivers

I am a pro at driving on the left - the fact I passed the driving test the first time confirms this - so I know it'll be odd driving on the right.
I drove on the left one in a parking lot. Luckily, it was only a parking lot! It was also nice to drive a car that had horse power. 
The Point

The best thing anyone can do is understand that reverse culture shock is normal, and to keep busy. And if it's one thing I've learned about myself is that...

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  1. Don't worry about street harassment too much. True, I live in a beachside condo (for anyone interested:, so the streets around are not really that full of blokes, but nevertheless I seem to have been witnessing the tendency, that street harassment has been less of a problem over the last year. Hope you will have a good time nevertheless!