Monday, December 1, 2014

When a Pet Passes Away While You're Abroad

It's not easy to hug a hedgehog, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

A downside to living abroad is that anything can happen to your loved ones while you are away. In actuality, it's my biggest fear because it's something that I cannot predict or circumvent. Before I came to Japan, I entrusted my five* pets to my parents knowing very well that two of the five were advanced in years, and that I might not see them alive upon my return. 

This morning my boyfriend informed me that my hedgehog, Mrs. Pricklepants, passed away. During my visit in the summer, I noticed that she had thinned - a drastic contrast from the rest of my pets that my mother fattened - and seemed a bit sluggish. Nevertheless, I hoped beyond reason that she would live past the extent of her hedgehog live span. 

That just didn't happen.

To my sweetest pet that loved booty scratches,

Goodbye (´;ω;`)

RIP Mustang and Mrs. P.

Five Pets
1. Chin Chin (cat) - 15 soon!
2. Napoleon a.k.a. Nappi-poo (Red-earred slider; turtle) - 10
3. Panda (Shih Tzu) - 7
4. Tiger (cat) - 7
5. Mrs. Pricklepants - 6

By the way, I don't consider Feisty (cat; 14) as my pet even though she's an indoor cat. 


  1. One of my dog's passed away while I was abroad.
    I was pretty bummed :[
    Sorry about your loss.

  2. Sorry about your hedgehog. =(

    Yeah, it's a tough trade-off. That's ultimately a big reason why I came home to the States. More so for my human family than my pets, but. Just gotta weigh everything!

    1. I agree it's never easy. I also worry about my family and friends back home, but I know some things are unpredictable. I just make sure I don't take anyone for granted, because you never know :/